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Hear from Real Patients

I am grateful to the staff of the Aldersons for making me feel safe, clean, and cared for. I want to share the news with others who may have doubts. I am a 57-year-old woman and spent time at the Aldersons on two separate occasions. I had two total hip replacements and my recovery was made so easier thanks to this facility.

The entire hospital is kept immaculately clean. There is none of that ‘old folks home odor’. Meals are good and nutritious and always on time. Laundry is done and delivered to the room. Visitors are made to feel comfortable in the recreation room where we played games or played the upright piano. The nurses really do give personalized attention to each patient. In fact, once while outside the building doing my physical therapy, the head nurse hunted me down to give me my pain medication! Talk about personalized care. The physical and occupational therapy staff are dedicated and experienced therapists who have incredible patience and often a great sense of humor. My greatest debt of gratitude, however, goes to the CNA staff. The CNAs are always there when I need them, ready with a smile and gentle care, to bring me ice, or a warm towel, or help me in the shower, or change my surgical dressing.

I often hear people afraid of skilled nursing facilities and see them as depressing or creepy, as if old age or infirmity is contagious. I found the place to be joyful and good. When I get old and senile, I WANT my kids to put me in Aldersons because I know I will be safe and cared for.

Meg S.

Grateful Patient

Dear Teri, Jessica, and Cecilia,

Thank you so much for your kindness to me and your “smiles” that make each visit to Aldersons pleasant.  Please know that the love and caring attitude that all of you and all your staff have really shone through and make a difference.  Thank you so much for helping my husband Rudy get stronger.  Your Nursing and P.T staff gave Rudy such excellent care.  We will always remember your kindness to us.

Carol & Rudy G.

Thank you!

Your staff and you made my stay here very comfortable.  Thank you for the warm smiles and helpful hands.  I wish you all the best.

Parminder and family

Before I came to Alderson as a patient, I visited a friend of mine who was staying here.  I was able to see her progress here.  The care here was excellent; that is why I specifically asked to be sent to Aldersons.  The staff here are friendly and attentive.  I love it here.  Sofie(CNA) is respectful and kind.


Very pleased with the services.  I have recommended Aldersons to others considering skilled nursing facilities.  I will return to Aldersons again if I require care in the future.  Everything was excellent.


The staff is courteous.  The CNA’s are careful and considerate.  The food is excellent.  The physical therapy was very good and I practiced a variety of exercises.  The occupational therapy was wonderful and I practiced a variety of treatments.  I would recommend Core Rehabilitation.  I came to Alderson’s because of their excellent rehabilitation department.  I would definitely recommend Aldersons.  My overall experience was excellent; very good!


Knee replacement Surgery Went Well

……I was reticent to spend time at Alderson’s but was very impressed with the accommodating staff. My physical therapy was done 7 days a week with a strong and competent team of experts.  I was back to normal and dancing thanks to the stellar care that I was provided.  This past week my mother was taken to the hospital for a stroke and once again she was treated with dignity and respect.  She now needs rehabilitation to get the strength back on the left side of her body.  Without hesitation, I admitted mom to Alderson’s to get her back to her independent status as a retired resident of the Californian.


I enjoyed my stay at Aldersons and I am grateful for the care I received.


I was very grateful to have been at Aldersons for both of my stays after I had total knee replacements, one in March and one in August.  The complete staff at Aldersons went over the top to meet my daily needs. I will forever be grateful for your individual friendships. The rehab unit at Aldersons is superior.  They have all had blue ribbon training.  They care.


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