Daily COVID-19 Update


In an effort to assist families in getting information regarding their loved ones during this difficult time, Alderson Convalescent Home has dedicated a phone line just for that purpose. The number to call is (530)662-6350.

January 26,  2022

Resident Tests:74

negative: 73

Positives Cases:  1

Staff Tests: 90

Negative: 88

Positive Cases:  2


*These results reflect the latest testing.

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Hello to our Resident Families!


We have some exciting news! As of Monday, April 12th, 2021, we will begin in-person visits! These visits will be by appointment only, and we will begin taking appointments Thursday, April 1st. Visits will be from 30 minutes to 1 hour long, with no more than 2 visitors per session. These visits will take place in a designated outdoor area, or, if weather or air quality does not permit, in our large living room.

These visits will be by appointment only, with all appointments being made through our Activity Department, Samantha Marlow or Reception, Jessica Foster.  Each visitor will be given a set of COVID Visitation Guidelines and will be asked to answer a Pre-COVID Visitation Questionnaire 24 hours before their visit. Even if you have had your COVID vaccination, you will be asked to have a point of care test administered by our staff. These test results take 15 minutes, and the rest will be conducted at the beginning of your scheduled appointment.

We know this has been a trying year for everyone, and especially for our residents. We have missed seeing you all in person during this difficult time. Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to resuming our family visits!



Samantha Marlow
Activity Department